crucifix on wheels

A month or so ago I posted a photo here at that a reader by the name of Dave Morris had sent in. He snapped the photo somewhere on the west coast, while driving. The image was of a large crucifix in the bed of a truck traveling alongside his vehicle. At the time, we had a little debate in the comments section as to what the wheels were for Anyway, I think I might now have a definitive answer. You see, I just stumbled upon a site that makes mention of an activity called crosswalking, in which people drag large crosses along with them. (It doesnt sound as though its a competitive sport, at least not yet, but I suppose that could be on the horizon. As for right now, its more a solitary undertaking.) And, on this site, I found a mention of wheels. Here it is:

Before the first crosswalk began December 25, 1969, I had no idea how far and fast I could walk with the cross in a day. Several weeks before the crosswalk was to begin I went out in the desert in California and walked with the cross. It was during this test walk that we realized the wood at the end of the cross would wear away at about the rate of an inch a day! Wood against pavement and rock will lose every time! That is the reason for the wheel.

All questions are eventually answered at It just takes patience, my children.

Another interesting thing came up as well. It would appear that the man who invented crosswalking, at least in its modern incarnation, Arthur Blessitt, also claims to the man who led our president to the lord. Heres excerpt from a press release of some kind:

Evangelist Arthur Blessitt, who has carried a 12-foot wooden cross to every country in the world, has revealed that it was he who led President Bush to Christ almost 20 years ago. The globe-trotting preacher has disclosed for the first time how he prayed with George W. Bush during a private meeting in Midland, Texas, on April 3, 1984.

So, there you have it. All roads lead to Bush. An reader snaps a photo of a cross with wheels, we follow the leads, and it brings us to April 3, 1984, the day Bush gave up booze and drugs and accepted his personal savior at the behest of the man who invented the holly rolling crucifix.

It’s as poetic as it is terrifying.

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