I just decided, as I sat here, pouring over the mind-numbingly stupid transcripts from last nights Republican National Convention (the Bush twins sucked ass performing comedy written by Karl Rove, and Arnold didn’t do much better, confessing his love and admiration for Nixon) that Im going to take one vacation day each week between Labor Day and the election to work on the Kerry campaign. I havent told Linette about this yet. Hopefully, shell be OK with it I like the idea of canvassing Ypsi with Clementine strapped to my chest. And, getting Bush out of the White House, Im convinced, is the best thing I can do for my daughter… Maybe Ill join up with MoveOn and become part of their Leave No Voter Behind campaign. I want to be sure, whatever I do, that it translates to votes against Bush, whether Im going door-to-door, or volunteering to drive people to the polls. I dont see how I could look my daughter in the eye later on if I dont do something concrete now (other than just complaining to like-minded people on-line… and suggesting that you poison your Republican relatives the night before the vote).

For those of you who arent angry to the point of getting involved yet, you might want to check out this article on one of Kerrys fellow swift boat vets and how he only joined the attack on Kerry after being awarded a $40 million grant from the administration. And, while youre at it, you might also want to check out this article about another man, another swift boat vet, who found his name listed among those opposed to Kerry, without either his knowledge or consent.

And one last thing concerning those Purple Heart band aids that some Republicans in New York are wearing… I was just sitting here thinking about it and it occurred to me how fitting it would be if every person wearing one was wrestled to the ground, slit open a tiny bit, and then had a very small (some might even say “insignificant”) piece of burning-hot shrapnel forced in… If he had one ounce of integrity, McCain would have said as much from the pulpit Monday night… At the very least, he should have told them that they should be ashamed.

And, lastly, if you’re watching the RNC tonight, a reader by the name of Andy suggests that you turn down the sound and listen instead to the special programming being broadcast by WFMU… I just checked out the line-up and its pretty cool.

And, before I go, theres one last non-RNC-related thing that I wanted to mention Linette just brought it to my attention that one of our favorite bloggers, the Utah-based writer and designer behind, has apparently had herself committed to a psychiatric hospital, and, for what its wroth, Id like to wish her well, and ask for you to do the same. I think its very courageous that shes been writing so openly about her mental state over the past few weeks and my hope is that, in some way, her honesty is helping others to better understand mental illness and just how crippling it can be. At any rate, I feel very sorry for her and her family and wish them all the best in getting through this difficult time If you havent checked out her site before, you really should.

Goodnight, my invisible friends.

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