the womenfolk in my family take baby holding very seriously

Have you ever watched a rugby match? Well, imagine rugby being played by busty southern women in pantsuits. Got it? Now imagine, instead of a ball, theyre all fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on my pudgy, little, one month-old daughter, Clementine. That, in a nutshell, is how I spent the last 48 hours. I was officiating an incredibly cut-throat game of baby rugby I have a lot to say on the matter, but its late and Ive still got to unpack the car So, heres what I suggest. Why dont all of you go and read this great piece from the New York Times that my friend Dave Miller just told me about, on how we might have better used the $144.4 billion weve spent in Iraq, and then well meet back here tomorrow to talk about babies, Iraq, homeland security, the interview I just agreed to give the Eastern Michigan University student newspaper, and everything else? Does that sound OK? Good.

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