press release: newly nominated cia head freaks mark maynard out

I dont think Im overly paranoid or anything, but some things in the background of former spy and Congressman Porter Goss, Bush’s recent pick to head the CIA, really freak me out, like the mysterious blood infection that sidelined him from the spy game in the early 70s, and the fact that he once lived in what sounds like a secret enclave of former espionage officers in Florida. Plus, hes one of the wealthiest members of Congress, worth as much as $26 million by some estimates. Not bad for someone who left college with a degree in Greek… I guess the life of a spy prepared him well for the business world I dont want to suggest that his wealth stemmed from anything related to his covert work in Cuba during the 60s, and I certainly dont mean to imply that his mysterious blood infection was some kind of cover for a Manchurian Candidate type of operation, but the whole thing gives me the creeps. Heres part of an article from the Associated Press. Maybe it’ll give you the creeps too.

During a 1970 trip to Washington from his home in London, Goss collapsed in his hotel room, suffering from a mysterious blood infection that affected his heart and kidneys. Goss cannot explain the sudden illness but is convinced he wasnt poisoned. He survived but was so weak during his recovery that the CIA refused to send him back into the field, so he retired.

Goss, who is married with four grown children, moved to southwest Florida in 1971 to recuperate among a small enclave of former espionage officers. There he founded the Island Reporter newspaper with two other ex-spy partners and participated in other lucrative business ventures. He served in local politics becoming Sanibel Islands first mayor in 1974 and won his seat in Congress in 1988. He became chairman of the intelligence committee in 1997.

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