no, i wasnt actually there but i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that hes no hero

I just watched a fascinating exchange on CNN between a man who claims to have been saved by John Kerry in Vietnam and another man who claims that the event didnt happen, at least not how Kerry and the men on his boat claim that it did. The moderator at some point, after determining that the second man, the man who claims that Kerrys Bronze Star wasnt deserved, wasnt there in the area at the time of the incident, pointed out the absurdity of his debating the issue with a man who was there and saw the events unfold firsthand. It reminded me of the story I posted a week or so ago about a commentator who had to point out to the head of a Black Republican organization that he was, in fact, white. Sir, you do realize that the man youre debating with was there, dont you? I cant remember the exact words, but it was something like that. Absolutely, fucking, surreal.

If you havent been following the news on the subject, the pro-Bush rat fuckers (I believe thats the term Nixon used for the guys who slung mud on his behalf) have gone into high gear, taking on Kerry where they think hes the strongest, his service in Vietnam. In order to accomplish this, a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was formed. On the surface this is a group of American servicemen who, like Kerry, served on swift boats in Vietnam. Once you start digging though, you realize that their funding comes from big Republican donors and that a vast majority of them never served with John Kerry Last week, this group suggested that Kerry staged scenes he shot on film in Vietnam with the hope of one day using them for political advantage. (The claim has since been proven false.) And this week theyre releasing an ad in key swing states which suggests that Kerry lied about the events which led to his various citations for bravery under fire. (They have a book coming out on the subject as well.)

It seems absolutely laughable to me that supports of George lets keep reading The Pet Goat while our countrys attacked Bush, who sat out the war in Texas, would have the audacity to call Kerrys Purple Hearts into question, but we left reality a long time ago. This isnt about reality any more. This is about planting seeds of doubt and winning at all costs Their candidate was probably snorting coke off a strippers ass somewhere in Houston while Kerry was leading men into battle in Vietnam, but it doesnt matter. There is no shame. There is no reality. Theres just Fox News repeating unsubstantiated charges again and again and again until theyre ingrained.

Im not certain how much good it will do, but I was encouraged to read that John McCain had come out today to say that these charges against Kerry were both dishonest and dishonorable. Whats more, he called on the White House to openly condemn these specious attacks. Clearly thats not going to happen, but at least McCain got on the record suggesting that they should.

Its worth noting that 9 of the 10 men who served with Kerry, on his boat, in battle, now support him in his run for President.

And, while were on the subject of unfounded and libelous allegations, does anyone remember the story about the affair between Kerry and the intern? That one ended up being debunked as well, but it was successful in tying Kerrys name to the word intern, which is exactly what the rat fuckers wanted These people are fucking brilliant.

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