name that creature

This photo comes in by way of our reporter of the paranormal, Mr. Douglas Skinner. Can you guess what it is? (Can you even see what it is that Im talking about over there behind the horses leg? And, no, this is not a penis joke.)

If you guessed a Dover Demon, you very well may be right. Whatever it is, I think its pretty fucking creepy. Call me prejudiced, but I have a thing against blurry, little humanoid creatures.

Speaking of creepy, I just found out that one of my former stalkers (who at some point turned into a friend) is now on-line with stalkers of his own… Im so proud of him that it brings tears to my eyes. “My little stalker is all grown up.” The creepy part is that hes now giving pep talks to his would-be stalkers, using the example of he and me as a success story of sorts. Essentially hes telling them, Play it cool, bide your time, stroke my ego and eventually youll get to meet me and be my friend. Thats how I wormed my way into Mark Maynards life. Its fucking surreal.

(note: For the record, Chuck was a reader of our magazine for many years and we started out exchanging letters. He never exhibited any creepy behavior during that time. And, eventually, I agreed to meet him in a public place and be interviewed for a magazine that he was starting. He then sent me a topless photo of a woman, and we became friends. Despite what he or I might say to the contrary, there was never any stalking. As we all know, stalkings not cool.)

And here, in conclusion, is an old drawing of a Dover Demon. Linette and I are thinking of using it on a border around the baby’s room.

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