breakfast with the bloggers: part two

I bumped into a fellow Ypsi blogger this afternoon and we started debating this idea that I mentioned a few days ago, that all of us who operate blogs within the boundaries of Ypsilanti should come together to host some kind of event focusing on local politics. Well, after an hour or so of kicking the idea around, we came to the conclusion that, as many of us still dont know one another (at least off-line), it would probably be worthwhile to have some kind of social event first to test the waters. (And there is a very real possibility, I suppose, that we wont like one another. I, for one, have been told on more than one occasion that I lack a personality.) So, he and I are going to speak with Linda French, the owner of the Sidetrack, and see if perhaps we can reserve the space next door (Frenchies) one evening in early September. Then, if that meeting goes well, and if people seem interested, we can form a committee to look into the possibility of hosting a debate between the candidates for Town Council, or something along those lines.

So, assuming I dont hear any objections, thats how this whole thing will start over beers in about two weeks. All local Bloggers and their readers from Ypsi will be invited. If there is an agenda, it will be minimal. The focus will be on mixing and brainstorming.

More to follow

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