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I just received the following Salinger related note from a reader and felt that it warranted sharing.

(I just received) an excellent article from (a) local NH newspaper. Some crazy dude from FL put out a huge ad in the paper with Salinger’s picture in it asking people to send him any kind of Salinger memorabilia, including his hair, etc. The newspaper did a story on it the next week & interviewed the guy. Of course, when they called Salinger’s house & asked for comments, there was no reply. Pretty funny. I’ll bet Jerry was boiling mad all right.

As Ive mentioned before, I dont condone the stalking of J.D. Salinger (even when its done on my behalf). I dont, however, have much of a problem with someone asking his friends and neighbors for artifacts. I suppose if it led to people tackling the nasty and bitter (yet extremely talented) old man and ripping out fistfuls of hair I might feel differently, but taking out an ad doesnt in itself seem that bad to me. Its not like this fan in Florida is putting a bounty on the authors head.

UPDATE: OK, I just found an article on this person from Florida, and it turns out that hes primarily a sports memorabilia trader, not a fan. It also looks as though hes offering cold, hard cash for pieces of the author. He just knew there was a market for Salinger stuff, so he charged in without any tact and cast a really wide net. Heres a quote from him:

“Is there a barbershop in his town? Where does he get his hair cut? I’ll pay for his clippings.”

For what its worth, I no longer support his endeavor. Its one thing in my mind for an obsessed fan to write a heartfelt plea to the people of Cornish for some faint trace of the authors existence. Its another, however, to put a bounty on the mans head because theres a market.

In case anyone wants to take out a full-page ad asking my neighbors to pick through my garbage, heres a link to the Ypsilanti Couriers advertising department. Just ask for Dolores.

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