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I just happened across this article by Mollie Ivins and thought that it was worth sharing because it illustrates what an utterly self-involved and clueless bitch Martha Stewart is. Heres the quote concerning Matha:

We cannot let pass without salute Martha Stewart’s remarks after being sentenced to five months in prison. In the long history of amazing things said by people in peculiar circumstances, you must admit, this ranks right up there. “There are many, many good people who have gone to prison,” she observed. “Look at Nelson Mandela.”

I haven’t done a Google search yet, but I’m sure that Martha wasn’t the first one to point out the obvious correlation between her predicament and that of the selfless black civil rights hero Nelson Mandela. I mean, its so obvious.

While were on the subject of unbelievably fucked up news stories that blur the lines of race, heres a great one concerning the the hidden white roots of the black conservative movement in the US This is how the story starts. Its my favorite lead-in of the week.

“Black Conservative to Rebut NAACP Leader’s Remarks in C-SPAN Interview,” read the press release from Project 21, an organization of conservative African-Americans.

I had read in Reuters that Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP, had called groups like Project 21 “make-believe black organizations,” and a “collection of black hustlers” who have adopted a conservative agenda in return for “a few bucks a head.”

So I tuned into C-SPAN with interest to hear what a leading voice in the black conservative movement had to say. But then a funny thing happened: the African-American spokesperson for Project 21 caught a flat on the way to the studio, and the group’s director had to fill in. And he was white.

Of course, in this colorblind society we live in, it really doesnt matter. White businessmen running African American political organizations, lily-white celebrities equating themselves with civil rights martyrs, it just doesn’t matter any more. It would appear that weve finally come to the place in history that Martin Luther King dreamed about. Doesnt it feel great?

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