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You may have seen this in the news last week, but Ive been holding onto it, saving it like a trump card in a hand of gin rummy. Now that its come time for me to use it though, Im not sure how to play it. At first, I was thinking of making some kind of comparison between the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ and this woman in Iran who gave birth to a frog. (Thats the story thats been burning a hole in my pocket.) But then I got scared, thinking that perhaps it wouldnt be in the best interest of my family to compare Jesus to a frog right before the birth of our child Then, I thought that Id make some sort of crack about our baby, which as of right now has not yet decided to peek out from the womb, and how I hope it wont have long, muscular back legs built for leaping. But that also seemed wrong.

So, thats what Im thinking about now, this Iranian woman who must have unknowingly picked up the frog larvae in her vagina while swimming, and how I can use her awful predicament to make you laugh, without, at the same time, challenging fate to take a swing at me This is what blogging has brought me to. Its pathetic.

Im sorry.

In other pathetic news, it looks like Donald Trump will be launching Trump World magazine. (The world demanded a six-dollar-a-pop magazine about Trump and his Trumparific lifestyle and he had no choice but to finally give in and allow it.)

That article, from USA Today, quotes a person named Samir Husni, a magazine professor at the University of Mississippi. I wasnt aware, until just now, that there was such a thing as a Professor of Magazine Studies, and Im intrigued. (If only Id known that it was an option earlier in my career.)

OK, I just did some poking around and according to this site, Every year, Samir Husni (aka Mr. Magazine), carefully tracks the flow of new magazines into the U.S. market. Not much escapes his notice, and his assessment of what’s hot and what’s not carries weight in the advertising community.

Im not certain, but my guess is that my magazine escaped his notice.

OK, heres a photo of Mr. Magazine, and heres his site If you want to send him an e-mail letting him know that theres more to the American press than just Trump World and Black Hair and Braids Presents Black Hair, be my guest. His email address is:

And, no, Im not mad about not being tracked by Mr. Magazine, but it does kind of tick me off to know that hes reading titles like (no joke) Pojos Unofficial Guide to Neopets, and not something like “Crimewave”. ALl I’m saying is that if the guy wants to be Mr. Magazine, then let him earn the title. Linette and I have been publishing for over ten years now and we havent heard a peep from him.

On that uplifting note, I will leave you for the evening.

Oh, if you get a chance, try to read this story about the Democrat’s $100 million push for voters, and this one about drug companies and what theyre up to. My underground press jihad against Mr. Magazine can wait.

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