catching up on the world outside a five foot radius of my beautiful new daughter

Clementine slept well last night, giving both her mother and me an opportunity to catch up on the world outside. Linette watched a show abut super models grilling peaches, and I pissed away my tiny window of freedom by filling my head with depressing rumors about Iraq (that the newly installed Prime Minister Ilyad Allawi may have just personally executed six men), our upcoming election (that Bush might be setting the groundwork to jettison Cheney in an attempt to shift all the blame over Iraq before November), and new terrorist plots (that groups of Muslim men could be plotting to assemble bombs on-board US airlines).

If you follow the link to that last story you may also want to check out these other two pages where people are debating the racist subtext of the original article, and trying to either confirm or deny the claims of the woman who apparently observed these unusual activities on a flight from Detroit to LA.

Im going back to holding my baby now Being shit on is a lot less depressing.

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