at what price a poop sandwich

When you get a chance, after youve done todays assignment and watched the keynote speeches from the annual ACLU meeting, head over to England and check out, a terrific little site that connects buyers and sellers of unusual services. It looks as though its developing in the direction of comedy, but I suppose there could be a few legitimate offers here and there Here are a few examples of what youll find:

– For the nominal sum of 5 I will take your entire collection of My Little Pony figurines to Hampstead Heath and play with them for 20-30 minutes.

– I’ll do whatever the next person says, but for 5 less.

– I will fuck any animal dead or alive for $5000. For an extra $10 I’ll let you video tape it.

Someone else said that hed eat a poop sandwich.

Buyer beware.

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