ok, so maybe iggy isnt obsessed by my magazine

Today was a good day for mail. I just got this note from a reader by the name of Frank Baur in response to my assertion a few weeks ago that Iggy Pops extemporaneous performance in Jim Jarmuschs new film, Coffee and Cigarettes, was likely influenced by the fake interview that my friend Steve Hughes and I did for the last issue of Crimewave USA. Its the opinion of Mr. Baur that this particular scene, featuring Tom Waits and Iggy Pop, was shot almost a decade before Steve and I even thought to do the fake interview that so deftly tied Mr. Pop to Taco Bell. Its also apparently the opinion of Mr. Baur that this site of mine is a porn site though, so perhaps we shouldnt put too much stock in what he says So, Id like to ask that our other reader, that fellow who hides in the bathroom outside the psychiatrists office in order to hear Jim Jarmusch pooping, please settle this once and for all by sliding a printout of both postings under the wall of the bathroom stall and waiting for a definitive response Here, in the meantime, is todays note from Mr. Baur.

I figured it was best that you heard it from a complete stranger rather than from a loved one, so it’s best that I break the bad news.

Jim Jarmusch has been filming “Coffee and Cigarettes” vignettes since the mid-80s. After seeing the movie, I can’t begin to understand why he’s been doing this, but that it’s not the point of my note. It turns out the Iggy and Tom Waits clip was filmed in 1993 under the title “Coffee and Cigarettes III” or the alternate title, “Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California.”

I know you thought you could have influenced some of the comments Mr. Oaterberg made in the film, but that is just not the case. I’m sure this has already been pointed out to you dozens of times by your more astute readers, but I was worried that they too could be as lazy as I and fail to bring you up to speed on this matter.

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your life with your online community. Next to 95% of the porn out there, yours is a top-notch site. Don’t ever change.

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