now, let’s play, “what was that christian up to anyway?”

We have a new game today, courtesy of my friend Dave in Seattle. He just sent in this photo and I cant make sense of it, so Ive decided to open it up for debate. If you have an idea as to what was going on in this picture, please leave a comment. The person with the best answer will win a drawing I just did of my nasty, rotting foot while on hold with the credit card company. Heres Daves note. I’m going back to obsessing on my foot now.

I was down in California yesterday and shot this picture out the car window on Ventura highway south of Santa Barbara. The truck has two crucifixes in the back with rollers and shoulder pads. I thought the “Got Jesus” sticker was a nice touch. It was as if they were asking if you’d seen him ‘cuz they had some business to settle with him.

I just can’t imagine what the hell they are doing with these things. It reminded me of a guy I knew in high school that came to school dressed up as Jesus for Halloween one year, complete with a full size cross. I’m guessing that these were not intended as a gag costume though.

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