michael moore and i are under attack

Linettes in the other room doing birth visualization exercises and Im taking the opportunity to get caught up on the news, something Ive been falling way behind on during these past few weeks. People tell me that Ill have a lot less time once the baby comes, but its hard to imagine that theres any more time that can be whittled away. As it is, I feel like I just work, go to our various appointments, prepare for the baby and then sob myself to sleep each night Right now, Im reading about the rightwing attack against Michael Moore. It appears as though theyve hired a PR firm to set up a supposed non-partisan organization from which to throw mud. I just checked out their site, Move America Forward dotcom and its full of the kind of stuff that youd expect, like claims that Michael Moore is getting rich by exploiting the deaths of our men and women abroad. And, of course, supporting Michael Moore and his right to free speech is synonymous with supporting the terrorists. Its chilling.

The good news is, Fahrenheit 9/11 opens nation-wide on June 24 and theres a tremendous amount of buzz around the film. I just received word that here in Ann Arbor there will be a special showing at the historic Michigan Theater on Sunday, July 4, at 6:00. Apparently, Lila Lipscomb, the mother of a soldier from Flint, Michigan who was killed in Iraq last year, will be speaking as well. (From what Ive read, she features prominently in the film.) There hasnt been any word as to whether or not Moore himself will be in attendance, but I suppose theres a chance. (As this is a benefit screening for local non-profits opposed to the war, all tickets are $10.) As Linettes due on the fourth, theres a pretty good chance that we wont be there As cool a story as it would make for the kid once he or she grows up, I dont think that Linette will want to labor in front of 1,700 other people, no matter how similar our views on Bush might be.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, my name is Bread-Not-Bombs Lao Maynard. I am four years old. I was conceived at an Anarchist bookfair in New Orleans. And, I was born on the fourth of July, 2004, during a screening of Michael Moores film Fahrenheit 9/11. Sadly, these events were beyond my control. I understand why you must deport my parents, but please dont make me go with them.

And heres a little something about a California ballot initiative that would have everyone arrested for a felony in that sate provide a DNA sample.

And here, in case youre interested, is a marketing newsletter thatll tell you how to attract readers to your blog. Theres good news – apparently good writing isnt as critical as good PR stunts.

And, finally, heres an article about the Catholic Church and how theyre outsourcing prayers to India. Before you know it, I bet theyll be outsourcing pedophilia too.

(For those of you keeping track, that was my best joke ever.)

On a somewhat related note, do you think that anyone would buy a t-shirt that said, I dont know what to do with all my free time. I just outsourced all my masturbation to India? Maybe Im just really tired, but it seems like an idea that cant fail Who wouldnt want one?

Seriously, if you have $30,000 dollars to invest, send me an email and well start heating up the presses.

I could keep on writing for hours, but Linettes out of her meditative state and shes asking me to clean the cats litter box.


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