killer ride

I had a dream last night about a ride that people were getting on. It was like a roller coaster in that there were individual cars linked together, but there wasnt any track, at least not that I could see. There were just the cars, linked together, falling from space at a high rate of speed. I couldnt see the beginning or the end, just the three linked cars hurtling toward the earth, spinning around and getting tangled. The person showing me the ride, trying to convince me to get on, was telling me about the operator of the ride. He was apparently the only person theyd been able to find who could somehow manage to bring the cars back to earth without casualties. If I remember correctly, hed been the CEO of a Fortune 500 company before taking over the controls. Linette, if I remember right, was in line ahead of me. I had one foot in line, but I was hesitant. I could see that people had lived through the ordeal, and it occurred to me that they were probably stronger for having experienced the ride, but I still wasnt sure that I was ready for the risk It didnt occur to me until I was standing in front of the mirror this morning, tying my tie, that all of this was about the baby… Im dense.

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