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A few days ago, my friend Steve Cherry suggested that I check out the site of a fellow Michigan blogger, a woman named Daphne, who apparently makes herself available for a fee to those readers who can afford her services. Her site, called Daphnes Dirty Laundry, is pretty cool you can read all about the tricks shes turned on a given day, and, if youre interested, you can follow the link to her escort site, where she lays out the pricelist Is this, I wonder, where the Blogosphere is headed?

Read my site, like my site, hire me to blow you in an alley.

I cant imagine that such a thing would work well here at, but its nice to know that I have that option, in case I ever need a little extra money around the holidays.

(In related news, heres a story about an artist who recently sold herself to an art collector for $20,000. The resulting video of their sexual encounter was to have been shown at the Friedrich Petzel Gallery in New York beginning on June 10.)

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  1. Mark
    Posted June 20, 2004 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    Actually, I don’t have anything against prostitution in theory. I dont like it when prostitutes and pimps stroll my street, and I dont like the abuse and addiction that often come hand in hand with the profession, but I dont really think its the place of the government to legislate what adults can or cant do in the privacy of their own homes As for the comments I made last night, I was more reacting to the intersection of blogging and prostitution than the morality of the act itself. It makes sense to me in a way Its just a further extension of the voyeurism that already exists here on-line. Its very Logans Run.

  2. Mark
    Posted June 20, 2004 at 11:02 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, I can see how I might come off as a prick for saying that. Good point… The truth is, however, that I’d probably be against any kind of public prostitution, whether its in my neighborhood or not. When I said that it should exist, I meant indoors, either in a clients home, or in designated red light districts.

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