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Those of you who havent been checking out our new comments section are really missing out. So far, in just a little over one weeks time, weve had a man write in about making semen Jello, a note from someone who claims that I once spit on her in a childrens museum, and a discussion of which is more erotic, the leaves of tables or the leaves of trees. Then there was all the talk of turning this little site into an unofficial Sounds of Jim Jarmusch Pooping portal. Oh, and I also threatened to slice off a chunk of my rotting foot, like it was a summer sausage, and mail it to a reader so that he/she could review the smell Now dont you feel silly for missing all of that?

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  1. Mark
    Posted June 20, 2004 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    Spent yesterday nesting. Nested from sunup to sundown. This baby is kicking my ass I hope it appreciates all this stuff I screwed up my back lugging furniture up and down the stairs So, no, I didnt jog. I would have hobbled across town to meet all of you who showed up, if youd told me that you were planning to come out though. Next time I suggest something like this, well have to make it more formal. Ill sell tickets or something. That way, I know that people will be down there How much do you think that people would pay to smell me?

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