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According to rumors, it looks like the US government, though Halliburton subsidiary KBR (Kellogg, Brown & Root), may be considering a communications blackout between Americans serving and working in Iraq and their friends and family members here in America. (KBR was apparently given the no-bid contract for data transmission to and from Iraq.) That would mean no outbound e-mail, which, in turn, would mean not more upsetting photos.

I guess thats one way to stop the problem of prisoner abuse stop the evidence of it at the Iraqi border.

Ive got lots more to say, but Linette and I are on our way to her Aunt and Uncles house. Theyre having a little Mothers Day party for her. (And, yes, I did go out and buy the mother-to-be flowers even though, technically, I dont believe I had to.)

OK, Im going into communications blackout mode Now!

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