my great idea for this year

Instead of shutting down communications between those Americans working/serving in Iraq and people here in the US (to stem the tide of potentially embarrassing abuse photos) why doesnt the Bush administration just fill the prisons with webcams so that we can all monitor whats going on all the time?

I rarely have ideas that are this brilliant, so I really wish that someone would take notice.

Seriously, I think it would be brilliant strategy on their part. It would show the Arab world that were serious about oversight and reform and it would illustrate the transparency of democratic government Of course, I guess our guys in Iraq could just take prisoners outside before letting the dogs loose on them though

Never mind, that wasnt so great of an idea after all.

OK, heres my new idea. We completely shutdown all outbound personal communications from Iraq, we collect, destroy and ban all photography equipment, and we strip-search all military personnel and contractors before they leave the country.

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