mutilated cows and other things of interest this sunday night

There’s a small, abandoned-looking building across from the bus station here in town. The stenciled letters on the plywood sign out front say that it is, or was at one time, some sort of church. I never paid it much mind. I walk by it a few times a week, when I’m out with the dog, but I’ve never seen anyone coming or going from it… Well, today as I was walking by, I heard music coming from inside. I heard an electric guitar and a few drums. And there was a man preaching, and women singing behind him. I walked around to the side of the building, down the alley, and craned my neck up toward an old air conditioning unit that was jutting out from the whitewashed cinderblock wall. There were open cracks around it and, through them, I could hear most of what was being said inside.

The preacher, who sounded like a mix between James Brown and a young Jimmy “JJ” Walker, said that the last time the world was destroyed, it was destroyed with water. This time, however, he said, it would be destroyed by fire. He said that the world was never destroyed the same way twice. He asked everyone if they’d ever been burned by a stove. That, he said, would be what it was like, only over your entire body. He then said that Jesus was the only person that could save us from this fate.

As much distaste as I have for evangelical religion, I find myself strangely drawn to it when it’s put to a gospel soundtrack. And it sounded wonderful inside this small shoebox of a place. There was so much sound and so much energy, it didn’t seem as though it could all possibly be contained in this tiny place. It was amazing, and I just stood there, with my ear to the air conditioner, for about five minutes, taking it all in. My dog, and everyone else who passed, while making their way to the strip club next door, just looked at me like I was a nut. I was happy though. (You’d think that hearing about burning to death would make you a little sad, but it really put a spring in my step.)

So, now it’s a little bit later and I don’t really feel like reading the news. As that’s the case, I thought that I’d just pass along some quick links to a few stories that I didn’t get to mention over the past few days.

Doug Skinner wrote and told me about a new case of cattle mutilation in Canada. When he told me about it, I remembered thinking, “What if these cows are being taken out by interplanetary hit squads… kind of like how Israel targets and assassinates Hamas leaders?” People who talk about cattle mutilations always seem to assume that these cows are being eviscerated for some scientific reason, for research. What if, however, it was not simply because they were cows, but because they’d done something? I wonder what these assassinated cows might have done. (I need to add this idea to my file of children’s book ideas.)

I know you’ve probably already seen this, but here’s a link to the new Seymour Hersh article on the torture of Iraqi prisoners by US contractors and members of the military? Apparently, there’s also a possibility that British troops might be getting in on the action, but it seems like that might just be a hoax.

I’m hesitant to share this information, but here’s how to turn a disposable camera into a stungun. (You should see what these things can do to cattle.)

And here’s a link to the very useful Claim vs Fact database. It’s a great tool. Test it out.

On that note, I’m going to sign off for the evening. Goodnight my invisible friends.

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