in a desperate attempt to regain control

Ive decided to change a few things in my life, and at least one of the things Ive decided to change, Im afraid to say, will affect you After giving it a great deal of thought, Ive decided to cut my blogging down to a maximum of one hour per night, starting tonight. Actually, because of that last post, I only have five minutes left So this will have to be quick.

The bottom line is that I was devoting too much time to this blog and it was beginning to adversely affect the rest of my life. Most noticeably, it was cutting into the time I had allotted for reading, sleeping and crying. Well, Ive decided, after about two years of internal debate, that it was time to correct that. So, as of tonight, I will be blogging no more than one hour per day, six days per week. I will also be going to bed at 11:00. Its something Ive been thinking of doing for a long time now.

So, as of right now, this site will be about two-thirds less insightful and humorous, and there will be much fewer links.

The good news is, I will live longer and be happier.

Goodnight my invisible friends. I am now out of time.

Thank you for your continued support.

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