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You probably wouldnt notice it if I didnt point it out, but in my last post the third photo is a bit smaller than that first two. Its been bothering me for the past 36 hours, but, so far, Ive been successful in fighting the urge to fix it.

Ive loaded up blogger about five times now, each time thinking that Id resize that picture and each time stopping myself from doing it.

Ive decided, for better or worse, to just let it be and to fight the anxiety that its causing me. This, I have decided, is where I draw the line.

OCD is a ridiculous mental illness. Its difficult to explain to a rational person how you could lose sleep over the fact that one photo is a few pixels more narrow than the one above it, but thats the kind of thing that happens. I wish I could explain it better. Its just like you focus all of your worry on this one little thing.

I havent tried exposure therapy in a while and Id forgotten what a pain in the ass it is

Theres one other thing though Now, Im pretty sure Im just posting this so that the post thats bothering me no longer at the top of the page.

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