happy birthday seymour hersh

Late last night I asked for one of you to please read and summarize Seymour Hershs long, new piece in the New Yorker. Much to my surprise, one of you, a small boy in Virginia by the name of Davy Smallwood, took the task to heart Actually, he didnt so much prepare a summary as he did point me toward a brief interview with Hersh in which he talks about his most recent article (on whats really going on in Afghanistan right now). I appreciate his efforts nonetheless. (Thank you, Davy.)

And, another person wrote in to say that she knows Mr. Hersh, or at least that she used to be friendly with him, when she was living in DC. She added that today is his birthday. (She also alluded to him being a raving conspiracy theorist, but well just disregard that.)

So, happy birthday, Mr. Hersh. And thank you for many wonderful articles. I believe you, even if no one else does.

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