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Kevin Spaceys brother, Randy Fowler, just announced that he will, “reveal once and for all why Kevin is like he is – a bit of a weirdo. Heres a quote from the British paper that broke the story:

The 42-year-old Usual Suspects star has been dogged by rumours that he is gay but he has always kept tight-lipped about his sexuality. Spiky-haired Fowler boasts he’s been sitting on information about his brother for 25 years and has written a 90,000-word book which he plans to hawk around American publishers in the next few weeks.

“I’ve got over 1,000 photos,” he said. “I’ve been obsessive about this. I’ve got his diaries and the full story.”

That just freaks the fuck out of me, the thought that a family member could be out there obsessively working a 90,000-word book about what a fuckup I am.

I did some research and found a photo of Randy Fowler. He looks pretty much like I thought that he would kind of like an older, sadder Dana Carvey. Ive also got his phone number. Is there anything that youd like me to ask him?

Heres his blurb from his site:

Hi my name is Randy Fowler, I am the older brother of Kevin Spacey, I am looking for an agent to put me back to work. I can travel anywhere at any time, have pro drums, road cases and the look of a professional. Please call me at: 208-336-0705 or 208

I feel sorry for Kevin Spacey and all, but I wonder if his brother might be willing to sit on drums with the Monkey Power Trio next year.

On a completely unrelated note I apologize to anyone in my family who might have any cause at all to be angry with me.

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