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Last year, the members of the Monkey Power Trio met in Brooklyn, New York. As long as we were so close, we thought that wed like to work in a visit to some of our favorite DJs at the legendary independent radio station, WFMU. We called and they invited us in for a live interview (they play our stuff more than any other station), but we just couldnt fit it into our schedule, which sucked.

So, as we were planning this years session, which is going to take place in Michigan on April 3rd, it occurred to us that we might want to contact the college radio station at the University of Michigan, WCBN. (They play our stuff of occasion and, Im told, they even have a Monkey Power section in the studio.) Well, I just heard back from the program director and theyre interested. They want for us to come in for a live spot on Friday afternoon, April 2, at 3:00. (You can listen-in live over the internet through their site.)

It works out well for us because well be ready to introduce our new record, Hacking Through the Tentacles of Despair, by then. (Its expected to arrive from the pressing plant in about two weeks.) So, the plan is for us to go in, play the new record and answer questions about the band and what were thinking about on the eve of this, our tenth day as a band.

Im thinking that this could be a really cool model for us to following in the future. Each year, as we get ready to record our new record, well contact the most proximate college radio station and ask if theyd be interested in having us in. If they are, well take that opportunity to officially launch the record created during the previous years session.

Its looking like next year will be in Portland, by the way.

And perhaps one day, well just stream our entire studio session over the internet so that you can all experience the joy of hearing five middle-aged men yelling at one another, throwing beer cans and trying desperately to create what they hope will be enough music to fill a single. (Its a lot of fucking pressure, by the way.)

Actually, that wont ever happen. Stuff happens during our sessions that should never be repeated.

So, if you get a chance, tune in on Friday, April 2 and hear us make asses of ourselves as we all talk over one another, babbling incoherently.

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