the baby doctor

Linette and I were just talking about acupuncture. Actually, we were talking about Spalding Grey; his depression, his OCD and his ultimate suicide. That conversation then gave way to a discussion of my mental state. And that lead us to the subject of acupuncture Ive been thinking lately that I might give it another shot. Im especially concerned now, with the kid coming along, that my anxiety might get to a level that I cant handle. And, Id like to try to deal with it before it becomes a problem.

I have this fear that Ill be curled up in the fetal position on the floor as Linettes giving birth, and I dont want that to become a reality. I dont want the increased responsibility of fatherhood to drive me into another period of back-to-back panic attacks. So, that means Ive got about one trimesters worth of time get my mental house in order.

Linette was chatting with a friend of ours this morning who apparently knows about things like this, and she suggested three possible options. The one that sounds to me to be the most promising is an older Chinese woman. According to our friend, this womans gift made itself apparent early in life. At the age of seven, she shopped a man on the street from having a seizure by inserting needles into his flesh. (Something that she had no doubt picked up from her father and grandfather, who were both accomplished acupuncturists.) From that day forward, she was known in her town as the Baby Doctor. Apparently, she hasnt just been resting on her laurels either. Rumor has it that in the past few years shes made quite a name for herself by being able to accurately assess peoples health by examining their earlobes.

Linette has always said that my earlobes are by best feature. (Which I always interpreted as, Youre hideous.) Hopefully, Baby Doctor finds something to like about them too. Ill keep you posted.

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