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By some strange coincidence, I ended up stumbling across articles about both director Stanley Kubrick and author Thomas Pynchon this evening. The article on Kubrick, from the Gaurdian, was written by a man who was given the rare privledge of being able to pour through the directors obsessive notes on his various projects. While I dont think he really hits the mark with his Rosebud was to Charlie Kane what X was Kubrick analogy, he really does give an interesting glimpse into Kubricks mind. Its worth checking out The article on Pynchon concerned his coming out of hiding long enough to do a guest spot on the Simpsons. I missed the episode in question, but was able to find a digital recording of Pynchons performance here. (You’ll be happy to know that his cartoon self wears a paper bag over his head.)

Why is it that most of the people I respect want absolutely nothing to do with mankind?

People can paw through their boxes after death hoping to glean some faint hint as to what they might have been thinking (I believe that Salinger has indicated that all of his papers would be destroyed upon his death), or maybe, if youre lucky, theyll peak out of their hiding place long enough to interact with a cartoon character, but thats about the extent of it. Thats all theyre willing to share with the masses, the people like me that so eagerly consume their products. Theyre unwilling, for whatever reason, to give in to the Sirens call of fame that folks like Paris Hilton, and 99% of the rest of us, find so seductive.

Ive got other stuff that Id like to talk about tonight, like the Billionaires for Bush movement, the possibility of a Howard Stern satellite radio network independent of either XM or Sirius, and the theory of Newsweeks Fareed Zakaria that the era of state-supported terrorism is dead, but, like the rest of the geniuses, I need to lock myself away tonight and get some work done.

Heres an idea though, before I go. What if we were to launch a fake JD Salinger blog, one in which he attempts to atone for his life of misanthropic isolation? I think, if it was done really well, it could be great. Im imagining that it would be absolutely packed full of the minutia of his life in excruciating detail. Today I awoke, used the restroom, ate a handful of almonds and got back to work answering the fan mail that has been collecting here in the garage of my home since the early 60s. I realize that a good many of these people may have either moved or passed away, but I feel obliged to at least acknowledge their having taken the time to send me their thoughts At noon I will take a break and walk the dog around the neighborhood. I may eat a scone.

I dont know. Like I said last night, Im tired.

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