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Linettes upstairs, waiting for me to come to bed, but Im stuck on this thought about Kerrys war chest and how long hell be able to fend off the well-funded attacks of the Bush administration. Right now, it looks as though Bush has raised four dollars for every one that Kerrys raised. Id like to think that this contest will be decided on issues and not by advertising dollars, but Im not na�e. I know that if Kerry is going to win he has to raise a lot more cash.

So, Im sitting here, thinking of ways to raise money.

Heres one idea for a campaign, Dont tip for Kerry. Sure, it would piss off some waiters and waitresses, but just think of the money that could start rolling in if every Democrat stopped putting 15-20% on the table and started sending it to the Kerry campaign instead.

I know it would work. It would just generate too much ill will among the Democratic base though.

So, heres my second idea – Leave the bar early for Kerry. In this scenario, people would simply decide to leave the bar instead of having that one last beer. Then, theyd send however much money they would have spent off to Kerry the next morning. I know it needs a catchier name, but you get the idea.

If you have ideas, send them to me. Lets put our heads together and give this some thought… Where are areas that people could save money, and what would people be willing to do to get Bush out of the White House? Would people stop using deodorant? Would they give up cable? Would they carpool? Would they get a second job? I like the idea of a, Work on Saturdays for John Kerry campaign, but I cant see people making that much of a commitment. It has to be something that would require less sacrifice. Thats why I think that the idea of tapping into tip money was such a good idea. The moneys right there and youre giving it away anyway… What about a compromise?

What about, Split the tip with Kerry? 10% for the waiter or waitress and 10% for Kerry?

OK, send me your ideas.

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