nourished on pork bread

I got caught up in a whirlwind of nesting activities this weekend. The combination Linette entering her third trimester and an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Friday night was just too much. We woke up on Saturday and started tearing things apart. Right now, Im sitting in my office, surrounded by bags and boxes full of paperwork that weve decided to get rid of. Its making me anxious. I hate getting rid of things. I keep thinking that maybe theres something in one of these bags that Ill need one day. Part of me is thinking about waiting until Linette goes to bed and lugging everything down into the basement and hiding it under a tarp.

I put a little dent in a van a couple years ago. It was a rental and I was acting stupid. I was backing up without looking and I bumped into someones mailbox. I tried to pop the dent back out but it just would come. Anyway, they billed me $600 for it and I paid up. Thats one of the things that has me stressed now. Im thinking about recycling the file full of dent-related correspondences and its making me nuts. I keep imagining these scenarios where Avis would come back threatening legal action, claiming that we hadnt worked things out, claiming that I hadnt paid. Its stupid. Its the OCD.

I’m also afraid that if I recycle a greeting card from someone that they’ll die. That’s also an OCD thing.

Oh this isnt related, but Linettes mother made a loaf of bread this morning with a can of pork n beans baked into it. I know this because she left it, wrapped in tinfoil, on our front porch. She must have come while we were out taking a break, seeing the new Charlie Kaufman film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was good, but it freaked me out. (Thats my review of both the film and the pork bread.)

We also worked on the studio space a bit today adding a window and finishing the walls. (I want to have a small art show there sometime before the baby comes.) Heres a photo.

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