monkey trouble

I told the guys in the band that Id post scans of some cover ideas for our new record today. Unfortunately, Linettes gone and Im absolutely hopeless with the scanner, even with the written idiot-proof directions that she left for me. Ive got about a dozen fairly good ideas now, but Im really having a hell of a time getting them scanned so that theyll work on this site Here, if it works, are the first six ideas.

Those of you in the band (you should know who you are), please let me know what you think once theyre all up. Once we narrow it down to one or two ideas, I can do a more fleshed-out version Those of you who are not in the Monkey Power Trio, please scroll down to the next post. You dont need to concern yourself with this nonsense.

OK, from top to bottom, these are “Let’s Leave This Planet,” “Jihad of Happiness,” “Destroy Suburbia,” “Spiders in the Blood Supply,” “U Make Happy, Like Shiny Star or Buzzy Bee,” and “Music is not My Life.”

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