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Linette and I were just cleaning house and we found a wadded up piece of paper on which Id dashed out a few ideas for possible baby names. They were; Clementine, Elliott, and Baby Marmalade. Linette was very taken with Baby Marmalade.

Long before Linette got pregnant, I used to think that it would be funny to have a kid named Hitler Stalin Mussolini Maynard. I probably never would have done it, but the idea kind of appealed to me. Not only did I like the idea of standing on my front porch at dusk and yelling, Hitler, get your ass in here and wash your hands, I also liked the possibility that someone could come along and perhaps redefine a name like that in a good way. I have similar thoughts about Hitlers moustache. I often wonder how many years will have to pass before someone could wear that style of facial hair again. I would think that youd have to be a hell of man to pull it off, to reappropriate a symbol like that.

Anyway, I was thinking last night that the name Osama might fall into that same category Then, for some reason, my mind jumped to Omarosa, the abrasive, much despised candidate vying for Donald Trumps attention on the show The Apprentice. Then, like magic I decided to put the two names together.

Bang! Like peanut butter and chocolate coming together to create a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, I created the most perfect name ever.


I doubt well use it, but I cant stop saying it. Ive been saying it all day long.

Speaking of baby names, Linette and I have decided that the babys middle name will be Lao and its last name will be Maynard. So, that only leaves one name for us to decide.

Heres my question to the anagram freaks in the audience What name, when added to Lao Maynard would create the best word or phrase?

I dont have the talent or patience for such things, but my guess is that the letters of Baby Marmalade Lao Maynard could be shuffled around to create something truly unspeakable.

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