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Last week I posted something about a few friends of mine who were considering a permanent move to Mexico. At the end of the post, I asked if any of you knew how to say, “Do you have any work for a day laborer?” in Spanish. Well, I heard back this evening from a reader by the name of Kathleen. Heres what she had to say:

Tiene Usted algun trabajo diario?

I havent checked it out yet, so use it at your own risk, but thats what she tells me it says. You might want to print it out and put it in your pocket. You never know when you might have to make a run for the border.

On the subject of American emigration, I found some pretty useful information at this womans site. She also had a link to another page that reprints a 1994 story from Money Magazine. I know its old but I found the information interesting.

Growing evidence from a five-month investigation by MONEY suggests that record numbers of Americans are pulling up stakes each year and moving abroad to seek economic opportunity and better lives. Even more disturbing, the people who are leaving the U.S. include some of the country’ s wealthiest and best-educated native-born citizens. Consider:

— As many as 250,000 people emigrate from the U.S. each year, up from approximately 160,000 a decade ago, according to estimates by Census Bureau officials and experts at the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

— These days, as many as half of those who emigrate are native-born Americans, say government officials, while an estimated 80% of those who left for good between 1900 and 1980 were former immigrants returning home.

— Among college-educated Americans and those who earn $50,000 a year or more, an astounding one in four reports that he or she has considered moving to another country,according to an exclusive MONEY poll taken this spring (margin of error: plus or minus 3.1%).

There’s evidence that more skills are draining from the country than are entering it. For example, a 1990 U.S.-Canadian Government study of migration shows that American immigrants to Canada were nearly 50% more likely to hold college degrees than the general U.S. population or than Canadian immigrants moving here.

If you know of any articles on this same subject written in the last two years, please send me a link. Im curious to know more about the American ex-pat movement.

I actually like the fact that qualified, bright, young people are leaving the US in droves. It means theres less competition for jobs like this one at the Department of Homeland Security – Hollywood Office. Heres what theyre looking for:

1. Ability to assist filmmakers in the development of scripts and/or
concepts that depict people, missions or functions of DHS.

2. Ability to plan, develop, and implement a broad range of communication and information projects and serve as the Departments liaison with the television and film industries.

3. Ability to negotiate with filmmakers to resolve inaccuracies and other
problems associated with the portrayal of DHS people, missions and functions.

You wont find jobs like that in Canada or Mexico.

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