thanks, but if youre gonna be there, id rather be left behind

Heres a scary 60 Minutes piece on the righteous army of evangelical Christians in America (estimated at 70 million strong) and their growing political power. Heres a clip:

It could happen at any moment. It could happen, as we like to say, during this interview. Like that. Bang, says Thomas Ice, who might be called a professor emeritus of the Rapture. He runs the Pre-Tribulation Research Center out of his garage in a Dallas suburb. Its a one-man think-tank funded by LaHaye and dedicated to preparation for the last days on earth.

There is a lot of debate over where artificial body parts, and contact lenses, and clothes would be Left Behind or not. But the body would definitely be taken, adds Ice.

According to the folks at 60 Minutes, 40% of those people who voted for George Bush in the last election would fall into this Im not gonna be felt behind demographic These are people who are apparently convinced that theyre going to fly straight up to heaven like metal shavings to a magnet when the rapture comes.

So, while were all here wondering how were going to set things straight in the Middle East, these folks are debating whether or not their contact lenses will shoot up to heaven with them when their lord calls for the righteous to join him. It kind of makes you wonder how much these people, our president included, really care about peace in the Middle East or terrorism at home. The sooner the world blows up, the sooner theyll be lifted up by angels and whisked off to paradise, right?

I for one want a President who thinks that hes going to suffer here on Earth if the shit hits the fan. I want someone who appreciates mortality to be Commander In Chief. I don’t want a person who sees a silver lining, no matter how faint, in the destruction of the Earth.

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