sinking faster than dean after his “i have a scream” speech

I was tied with Phyllis Diller at 11% in the “Most Famous Ypsilantian” poll over the weekend, but I’ve been slipping fast in the past two days. The last time I checked, she was at 13% and I was at what you might call a “Kucinich level.” I’m not sure what I did. Maybe someone leaked a false story about me seducing an intern and her father calling me a “scumbag.” Or maybe they just did their homework and found out that I wasn’t really famous.

If you’re interested, you can vote here, or you can just watch the results here.

I hear that the residents an the University of New Hampshire Medical Center are making a drinking game out of it. Every time I drop a percentage point, they form a circle and spin a bottle. The person who it ends up pointing to has to empty the pockets of a corpse and then drink until every dollar’s been spent.

I was contacted by a reporter from the local newspaper a few days ago. He was asking questions about my blog and about this on-line poll of Steve’s. He told me that the story would be coming out by the end of this week. I suppose that will mean another big surge of uninformed, older voters forcing Ms. Diller further ahead of me.

I really would have felt more comfortable in the “Ypsilantian of the Year” category where I’d be facing off against my friends instead of a serial killer, the godfather of punk, and America’s first lady of comedy. I feel like a sacrificial lamb.

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  1. Robert
    Posted July 12, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    How did this all turn out? I didn’t realize Ypsilanti was the town where Phyllis Diller grew up…in fact, I didn’t even realize there WERE towns when Phyllis Diller was growing up.(rim shot) But seriously folks, are there any historical markers around Ypsi that I could visit…or maybe just some arrowheads or clay pots we can carbon-date?(rim shot)

    Ya know, Phyllis Diller was the first person I remember mentioning Canton Township on national TV. She was a guest on the Johnny Carson show, and I remember he asked her if she had some show dates to plug. She responded by announcing she’d be doing a show at the Center Stage in Canton Township, Michigan. Johnny Carson said something like, “What? You’re doing a show where? In Canton TOWNSHIP?” Diller responded with some sort of self deprecating joke about how she’s not getting gigs in cities anymore, and she’s been reduced to doing shows in townships.

    I don’t remember if she said anything about being from the area, so I’m a little pissed now. But then again, they did seem to be rushing to a commercial at that point, if my memory serves me right.

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