jesus juice

Did you see that Michael Jackson is apparently hooked on the Jesus juice?

Im wondering if this could mean that the King of Pop is laying the groundwork for a Paula Poundstone-like, I didnt, but, if I did, I was drunk defense.

While its not anywhere near as important, it was reported by a few news sources late last week that documents had been uncovered in Iraq which clearly showed that Saddam Hussein had been paying off officials within friendly governments with lucrative Jesus juice contracts Actually, those were oil contracts According to ABC News, France was the second-largest beneficiary, with tens of millions of barrels awarded to Patrick Maugein, a close political associate and financial backer of French President Jacques Chirac.

Im not sure what recourse we have available to us at this point I mean, weve already dropped the Freedom Fry bomb on their asses. I cant imagine what we could follow that up with.

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