hello, my invisible friends

My parents are coming to visit for the weekend. Itll be good to see them, but my concern is that theyll just want to talk about the grandchild that Linette has growing inside of her. Theyre very excited by the prospect of becoming grandparents, and thats great, but, in being so excited, theyre kind of rushing us along this path that wed rather take our time on and enjoy.

Case in point, my mom really wants to take us out baby shopping. She wants to get us something, like some baby clothes, and a crib. The thing is, Linette and I havent even gone out and looked at baby stuff on our own yet. Linette and my mom talked about this a few days ago, and my mom said she understood where we were coming from, but then tonight she asked us again about going to Babies-R-Us.

From my parents perspective, we must seem like aliens. While were extremely happy to be having a child, we didnt run out immediately and start buying things the moment the pee turned the stick blue. We didnt make a nursery and start stenciling ABCs and Sesame Street characters all over the walls. We arent treating this like its the only thing in our lives.

I dont think this means we care any less about the life were bringing into the world, it just means that were working it into the existing fabric of our lives. Linette and I are both still painting. Were both still writing. Were hoping to get another issue of the magazine out before our due date. We arent just sitting here at the kitchen table, planning outfits for a baby thats still five months away and pouring over long lists of possible names. All of that stuff will happen in due time By the time the babys here, well have a name for it and everything will be in place.

the ivy league embraces crimewave
Heres the rest of the note I got last night from Frank Baur.

Crimewave Update!!!! I had to drive a friend to Yale-New Haven hospital who is also pregnant. She has a rare kidney disorder, and she wasnt supposed to EVER get pregnant, but her and her husband goofed, so now she has to see a specialist at YNH. Her husband is afraid of traffic (another story altogether) so I volunteered to drive her to her appointments until the baby is born in April. But to the point – I love to get down to that part of the state, when I do I frequent the Yale University bookstore (which is actually a Barnes and Noble), because they have really cool books and magazines that I cant find up here. Anyway, when I walked through the door into the reading area, there sitting on a table was the latest issue of Crimewave! I thought that you might like to know that someone at Yale is reading Crimewave. I like Yale, because I am related to the founder Eli Yale. I am a direct descendent of Moses Yale who lent his nephew Eli some of the money to start Yale College, now known as Yale University. I cant tell you how Moses made his money its kind of a family secret. A cool fact none the less.

I like knowing that an ancestor of Moses Yale is among the handful of people that visit this site Hey, I wonder if he might be able pull a few strings and get me into one of Yale’s top secret Skull and Bones ceremonies. While the idea of watching a bunch of young American aristocrats masturbating in coffins doesn’t really excite me, I think that it might provide some useful insight into the character of our next president. (Both Bush and Kerry were initiated into the Order of the Skull and Bones while at Yale.)

behind the scenes
I dont have a lot of time left to blog tonight, but I did also want to tell you about William Saletans analysis at Slate.com of yesterdays Democratic primaries. Essentially he thinks that Clark is taking votes away from Edwards, and that Edwards, if he stepped up and took the fight to Kerry, might prove himself to be the better man to take on Bush. Saletan doesnt seem to respect Kerry much. Heres what he says about him:

The key ingredient in Kerry’s comeback has been systematic theft of any message that’s working for any other candidate. Kerry will give you whatever you’re looking for in the other guy, plus credibility on domestic policy and national security.

And beating Bush come the next election might be a bit more difficult that wed imagined. According to Arianna Huffington, theres a rumor coursing around the beltway that Bush is planning to drop Cheney from the 04 ticket, and draft Rudy Giuliani. If Bush could pull it off, it would be absolutely brilliant. He could blame everything on Cheney, and, then, at the Republican National Convention in New York, bring Giuliani on board. And remember, the convention is just days away from the anniversary of 9/11. Roves got to be pulling for this to happen. The image of Bush and Giuliani standing there at Ground Zero, in front of an American flag, surrounded by NYC fire fighters, as they kick off their campaign of fear would be hard to beat.

OK, I need to drag my fat, liberal ass up to bed now and read about Al Sharpton whoring himself out to the Republican party.

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