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I’ve been thinking about taking last nights entry down. I was worried that maybe Chucks dad could take it the wrong way like I was telling him how to parent. I just re-read what Id written though, and Im comfortable with it. I think I make it very clear that both Chuck and his dad have legitimate points and that Im only commenting because I dont want their relationship to suffer. I dont think I place any blame, or chastise anyone. If it comes across as though Im saying hes been a bad parent, then I messed up. In fact, judging from what Ive seen of Chuck, Id say his folks did a damned good job.

As a soon-to-be father myself, I can tell you that nothing would make me less happy than receiving unsolicited parenting advice, especially if its coming from someone who has never raised a child. Again, if I came across that way, Im sorry.

So, unless something else happens to suck me back into this, Im officially out of the conversation now. Its up to them to work out and Im sure they will.

I would, however, like to thank all of you who wrote in letters today on this subject. I was especially happy to hear from all of you who have gone through things like this with your own parents, only to eventually work them out.

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