he met the press and offered an alternate reality

John Podesta, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, responds to, it seems, every comment made by Bush on Meet the Press yesterday, pointing out all the inconsistencies and downright lies. Its a good piece of work, and heavily indexed too, for those of you who still like documentation. Heres a section taken from Podestas introduction:

President Bush wouldn’t have agreed to an hour long network interview without a good reason and today he had one: in the span of a week he’s faced the dual challenges of a loss of credibility on the war in Iraq and his management of the economy.

His statement this morning that he would cut the deficit in half is simply laughable. Analyses by independent organizations like Goldman Sachs, the Concord Coalition, the Committee for Economic Development, and Decision Economics all project deficits of about $5 trillion over the next decade, even assuming a return to strong growth.

That should give you a pretty good flavor of what to expect If you missed Bushs appearance on Meet the Press yesterday, you can find a complete transcript at the Washington Post site.

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