cannibalism after the oil crash and the imminent threat of gay people pairing off

I like it when people send me interesting articles, but, now that weve got the baby on the way, Im a little less enthused to get articles like the one I just got from my friend Dave predicting billions of deaths once global oil production peaks and then begins to recede.

Fortunately, at least here in Michigan, our legislators are on top of things and theyre fighting tooth and nail to secure federal funding for alternative energy programs and. Well, actually theyre not really doing that, at least not yet. Right now, theyre a bit preoccupied by another imminent threat, that one posed by committed gay people seeking to rent tuxedos, decorate community centers and throw parties with their friends and families.

Heres a note that I just received from a Michigan reader by the name of Jim:

I’ve got something I’d like you to blog about: the proposed no same-sex amendment before the Michigan legislature would not only ban same-sex marriages and civil unions (which are of course already illegal in MI), but would nullify domestic partner benefits for employees of the state, including state universities. If anyone who reads your blog is within 6 degrees of separation from a state legislator, please encourage him or her to lobby against this resolution, which adds plenty of injury to its insult. Here’s a link to the text of the resolution.

In an email sent after this one, Jim suggests that the Republican backers of this bill are particularly eager about this legislation because, even if they dont get it passed this time out, they can get it on the ballot come November – their hope being that it will motivate the fundamentalists out there to crawl out of their bunkers and make it into town to vote in the election. Apparently they must be of the opinion that theres a certain demographic on the far right that wouldnt bother to come out and vote for Bush unless the possibility of gay couples hyphenating their last names and wearing matching rings was also at stake. Or, maybe theyre just hoping that having it on the ballot will remind people that Kerry is from a state that supports civil unions, making them less likely to vote for him. Either way, it turns my stomach.

Id like to think that if this son or daughter of ours thats inside Linette right now happens to come out either gay or lesbian that people in the future will have better things to concern themselves with.

That is, Id like to think that my son or daughter might at least experience a few good years as a gay, married adult before we run out of oil and start eating one another.

With that, I need to go and plan my Sunday night TV watching strategy (Alias, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development are all on at the same time), but Ill be back later with more.

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