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Heres an interesting article on the fellow in Germany who was recently convicted of eating a willing victim. My favorite part was toward the end, where the author goes into detail concerning all the times this would-be cannibal almost got to taste human flesh before this particular victim gave him the go-ahead to start butchering. It appears as though several people made it to the would-be cannibals house and discussed the possibility of being eaten, only to eventually back out. According to this story, once, after a man backed out, they just hung out eating pizza and drinking beer together. Another time, he and the fellow with cold feet, went out and saw the remake of Oceans Eleven I wonder how that conversation went Well, I was planning to make sausage out of your intestines, but I suppose, if youre not feeling up to it just now, we could take in a show. I hear the new George Clooney film is playing downtown.

And, here, in case youre interested, is a link that will take you to all of the ads that appeared during yesterdays Superbowl. The only one that really appealed to me was the H&R Block ad featuring the Willie Nelson Tax Advice Doll. I really liked the idea on a bunch of different levels. From what I hear, the one that did the best with focus groups, however, was the one featuring the testicle-eating dog.

And, always good for a laugh: Evidence of families being put into North Korean gas chambers.

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