the year end stats

I just checked the webstats program and it appears as though, 0.47% of the people that come to by way of search engines do so after searching for kirstie alley’s ass. Apparently, my idea of using a Kirstie Alleys Ass as a unit of measurement is beginning to pay dividends.

On that note, I just got back from having a Kirstie Alleys Ass-full of coffee with fellow Ypsi blogger Steve Cherry. Now Im all hyped-up and scurrying around the house picking up tufts of animal hair and trying to think of business ideas. Steve and I had been puzzeling over the question of how to take money from the Baby Boomers, and I cant get the idea out of my head. Nothing would make me happier than financing my various projects with money liberated from the generation that followed the greatest generation, the folks that populate the me generation.

Oh, one last thing On the subject of tufts of hair, I just saw a good few handfuls of someones afro on the sidewalk outside our front door. Im not sure what happened. I dont want to think about it. Would anyone bid on the hair if I put it on Ebay? Im thinking about going out and picking it up before it blows away.

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