the turkey situation

I know some of you out there dont like Thomas Friedman (I get notes sometimes when I link to his articles), but hes got what I think is a pretty convincing op-ed piece in todays NY Times on the subject of Turkey. Not to give it all away, but he thinks that if Turkey doesnt get asked to join the European Union this year, that we should change whatever laws would need to be changed in order to get them into NAFTA. I dont know if that would be possible, but his point is well taken. Turkey is the only secular democracy in the Muslim world and we need to see to it that they have every opportunity to compete on an equal footing with other free, democratic countries. We need to show Iraq and everyone other country struggling with modernity that just because they are Muslim countries does not mean that they cannot be equal participants in trade. We need to show them that we are not biased against them. We need to give them something to aspire toward.

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