thanks mom

My mom told me to check out an article at last night. She said it was called something like, 15 Things Every Parent Should Know. I went to, but the only thing that I could find that looked close was a link that read, 15 Big Mistakes Parents Make. I decided to check it out A more appropriate title for the article that I found waiting for me on the other end of the link would have been, 15 Horrible Ways that Your Kid Might Die. I got through the section on drowning, and half-way through the piece on choking, before I decided that it was probably best not to start worrying about such things a full six moths before the baby even comes out into the world. Ive got plenty to worry about during this stage already, I dont need to think about the fetus as a child, choking to death on a hastily-swallowed wedge of cheese. Therell be plenty of time for that later.

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