on taking sean penn to bed

I didnt care much for Mystic River as a film, but I think that Sean Penn did an admirable job in the lead Ive been wanting to say that for a few weeks now, but I never had an opportunity. Actually, its not really a good fit here, but I thought that Id just throw it in Anyway, Sean Penn is back from his second trip to Iraq and hes written an article about his experiences for the San Francisco Chronicle. I plan to print it out and take it up to bed with me when I retire for the evening.

I love Sean Penn as an actor which makes me wonder, couldnt we have sent Pauley Shore into the Sunni Triangle instead, or maybe Robin Williams? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences always makes such odd choices.

Oh, I just thought of a way to tie this in with Mystic River. I could end by saying, I didnt care much for the war in Iraq, but I think that Sean Penn did an admirable job with his role.

I need to make dinner now. Please excuse me.

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