he’s got the magic hands

Linette claims to have been standing in line at the grocery store this evening behind a magician. According to her, he was buying just one banana. He told the woman at the register that he didnt eat bananas. If he did, he said, hed buy a whole bunch. He only needed one though, for an “illusion” he had to perform later that night Once he left the store with his banana, the cashier, apparently unimpressed by this unknown magician, confided in Linette that shed once rung out Gallagher! Linette didnt ask if he was buying a watermelon. And I forgot to ask Linette if the man in front of her was wearing a cape.

Speaking of magicians, have I made it a point yet to tell all of you that I very much enjoy the television show Arrested Development? (One of the characters on the show is a third-rate magician who rides a Segway scooter.) Its on Fox on Sunday nights and you should make it a point to catch a couple episodes before it gets cancelled.

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