helping your enemies

I dont usually link to the Mooney News (aka The Washington Times), but theyve got a piece today on a republican in Mississippi who is actively working on behalf of the Dean campaign that I wanted to share. This guy was apparently honest as to what his intentions were to help Dean win the nomination so that Bush could soundly trounce him come next November but the people on the campaign welcomed his assistance and put him in charge of a team. I dont think it was the intention of the piece, but it kind of made me happy, the fact that this right wing, retired military guy could work with the Dean team. (Im picturing it playing out like Trading Places or 24 Hours. I love movies about people who hate, but need, each other.)

Even if you dont agree with me that this is last story has the potential to become a real life Frank Capra movie, youll have to agree that Republicans for Sharpton is far worse. I read about this group today in the Wall Street Journal. While their efforts are less serious, theyre claiming the same thing. They want to see the weakest democratic candidate nominated. In this case, however, they work in the extra, added bonus of racism If you follow that link and scroll down a bit youll find, among other things, Al Sharptons face pasted over the head of a nearly naked, weapon-wielding African native. I know it would be unfair to label every right wing republican a racist, but its hard to look at something like that and wonder how it is that the party could actually attract African American voters.

On a related note, theres a very angry letter in todays New York Post directed at Dick Cheneys gay daughter, Mary It looks like some folks in the gay community are tired of giving her a pass for supporting her father and his politics. Heres a clip:

Excuse me for being blunt, but my rights are at stake at the moment, as our born-again president has told his theocratic mentors that hed sell usyou, me and millions of other homosdown the river. So lets get to the point: What the hell happened to you? Are you just another spoiled rich bratthe lesbian Paris Hiltonworried about getting a chunk of those 30 million Halliburton bucks should Dads heart conk out? I mean, this is one of those moments of truth, Mary, one in which the fundamentalist forces of darkness either march into the White Houseenshrining antigay discrimination into the U.S. Constitutionor are beaten back. And so far, youve been working for the enemy, darling.

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