have you seen a monologist

Monologist Spalding Grey is missing and presumed dead. I was going to make a joke here. I hadnt decided which way to go with it though. I was either going to link him to the Elliott Smith murder or make some sort of Swimming to Cambodia quip. The whole things too sad though. The guy is 62 and hes got two small kids. Hes apparently been struggling with depression his whole life, but things got even worse after car wreck in Ireland a few years ago. The story is that hes tried to kill himself at least twice since then. Linette and I had gone to see him perform before and I remember having not liked him. I forget the reason I gave at the time, but jealousy was probably at the heart of it. I didnt like the fact that the guy could fill an auditorium at twenty bucks a seat by just telling his autobiographical stories. I think I recall having said something at the time like, Sure its good, but hes no Mark Twain. (Not one of my better insults.) So, a few days ago, he went to see a movie with his kids, dropped them off at home, and then disappeared. His friends and family think that he probably jumped off a bridge somewhere. Its terribly sad and my heart goes out to his family, a family that he used to talk about on stage with what appeared to be great happiness.

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