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Somewhere in the history of the Maynards on the North American continent there is a fellow named Thankful. He made his home some somewhere in New England. Thankful Maynard was most likely a Puritan. I dont have my notes here with me at the moment, but I seem to recall that he began showing up on the tax rolls in the late 1600s. I havent yet established whether or not we are related by blood, but I like to think that we are.

Anyway, as I sat down here to write a nasty little post on the hellish weather we are having here in Michigan today (unrelenting ice storms), it popped into my head that I should probably be thankful. Thats what got me thinking about old Thankful Maynard, a man that may have, if he was lucky, lived into his mid-fifties, fighting every day of that to stay warm, dry and fed. The fact that I have to shovel a little bit and freeze my ass off between the front door of my house and my car really isnt that bad in comparison.

When my house was built (perhaps as early as 1865), there was just the one little, inefficient fireplace. Even now, when we build a fire in that fireplace, we have to lay right next to it in order to feel the heat. I cant imagine it being the only heat source in the house when, like now, its close to zero degrees outside. And, I cant imagine having to wait until spring to really feel warm. And, I cant imagine not having hot showers And the thought that someone would have a child in the midst of all of this struggle and name him Thankful just amazes me.

Ive asked Linette if we can name the baby Thankful if it is a boy. She doesnt believe that Im serious, but I am… I think Id call him Thanks.

I mentioned this to my mom a few days ago and she cried. The next day she sent me the following email:

Hello – I have some advice for you – you can take it or not. It is VERY important what you name the baby. That is who he or she will be. What you do as an adult in naming the baby is one thing, but remember, the child is the one going through life with that name. I never know if you’re pulling my chain or being serious. I think (and hope) that you were pulling my chain yesterday.

Shes right. I know shes right. And I dont much like the idea of my son being beaten up, but I think the good of being named Thankful may outweigh the bad Perhaps a compromise is in order, maybe using Thankful as a middle name. Well have to give it some thought.

My mom, I should mention, wasnt just responding to my fondness for the name Thankful, but to some of my other suggestions as well. I think the other two I mentioned at the time were Columbo and Matlock. Neither really works as an introduction to Thankful Lao Maynard though, so I don’t think anyone has to worry.

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