bush in thirty

Dave from Portland wanted me to mention the moveon.org-sponsored Bush in 30 competition in which several filmmakers took a shot at putting together a 30-second TV spot pointing out the shortcomings of our President I just watched all the finalists, and there are a few that work pretty well. The entry entitled, What are We Teaching Our Children is my favorite. I also like, Leave No Billionaire Behind. And Army of One is pretty effective too, as is Hood Robbin. If you have time, Id check out those four. The problem with all of them, I think, is that theyre too reactionary, but I guess thats the whole point of it. The contest wasnt to put together a visionary, uplifting piece about the future of America, but to point out the mans faults. I just hope that when the general election comes whoever the Democratic candidate is doesnt put all of his eggs into the attack George Bush basket. As much as he may deserve that, it wont work. People dont just want to vote against someone they want to vote for someone.

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